Microsoft Designer brings AI-powered graphic design to the public

Microsoft Designer is a graphic design tool driven by AI that enables you to quickly and easily create beautiful social media posts, invitations, images, and more. Design knowledge is not necessary.

What is Microsoft Designer?

Microsoft Designer is a new kind of AI-powered design app that helps you make professional-quality designs, just by saying what you want.

Not all of the features are available in the free sample yet, but we can hope it’ll be adding more features as time goes on. During this time, Microsoft will collect user feedback and make changes.

When the app is ready for public consumption, it will be made available for free as well as with premium features that are only available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.


To get started, just tell Microsoft Designer what you need to make. It can even assist you with creating the ideal prompt. The Microsoft Designer will soon return with more gorgeous options that draw from the Designer’s massive collection of expert photos. Microsoft Designer can enhance the personality of your design by allowing you to include your personal pictures from a device.

In the beginning, nothing is easy to learn. It will become easier after practice. In case you are unable to locate the ideal picture, the Designer has the ability to create fresh images using AI.

Simply describe your requirements, and it will generate new images. You can go inside and change any part of a design.

when you will add additional elements like a new text field, the Ideas pane can give you arrangement suggestions that make the new type fit right in.

Microsoft Designer can even help with the writing, so it’s easy to say just the right thing.

Microsoft Designer can provide writing assistance to ensure that the message is articulated effectively and precisely. This makes it easier to convey the intended meaning accurately.

The Microsoft Designer has access to remarkable AI-powered tools that can greatly simplify time-consuming image production tasks.

Microsoft Designer simplifies the process of sharing your creations with the world by providing you with various sharing options.

 Additionally, the platform offers AI-generated suggestions for captions and hashtags based on your content and objectives, allowing you to achieve excellent outcomes with the assistance of AI at every stage of the process.

Designs that inspire people to leave their homes and join your events, parties, or sales, or designs that bring joy to people’s lives by making them smile.

This service, which is powered by AI, marks a significant departure from conventional content applications where users typically browse a website or program and select from pre-existing presets, layouts, stickers, and fonts to create designs, social media posts, party invitations, and other materials.

The Designer app will have a prominent position on the Microsoft Edge browser sidebar, allowing users to quickly access it.

Those who used Microsoft Designer during the preview phase can look forward to additional AI-powered functionalities being gradually introduced, such as Fill, Expand Background, Erase, and Replace Background.

To access the new AI tool for free, users can visit, but Microsoft 365 subscribers will have access to more advanced features.


Microsoft’s new Designer app provides remarkable advancements made in generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This graphic design tool utilizes AI to generate fresh content based on user prompts, leveraging the latest version of OpenAI’s Dall-E.

The designer has the potential to make a substantial impact on the graphic design community.

it is expected that Designer will improve people’s productivity, especially those who need to enhance their creativity or those who may not possess artistic skills.

Let’s see how user-friendly it will be, will be known later.


Q. What is Microsoft Designer?

Microsoft Designer is a new kind of AI-powered design app that helps you make professional-quality designs, just by saying what you want.

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